Concerned Ape Tweet - Iridium Scythe breaks the SDV Community

The tweet that shocked the Stardew Valley Community

It is no surprise that an update is on its way to the beloved indie game, Stardew Valley. However, on May 31, 2023, ConcernedApe, the solo developer of the popular farming simulator Stardew Valley, tweeted a single word: “iridium scythe.” This simple tweet sent shockwaves through the Stardew Valley community, as it was the first time that ConcernedApe had ever hinted at the possibility of an Iridium Scythe being added to the game.

The scythe is the only left on the its golden state hence the tweet of the iridium scythe makes the expectations that it would be a more powerful version of the Golden Scythe. The Golden Scythe is currently the most powerful scythe in the game, and it can be used to quickly clear large areas of grass or crops. Normally by hierarchy, the Iridium Scythe would likely be even more powerful, and it could potentially make it easier for players to harvest their crops and clear their farms.

The addition of an Iridium Scythe would be a significant change to Stardew Valley, and it could have a major impact on the way that players play the game. Currently, the most efficient way to harvest crops is to use the Golden Scythe and then use the hoe to clear any remaining grass. An Iridium Scythe would make it possible to harvest crops and clear grass much more quickly, which could free up players’ time to do other things, such as fishing, mining, or socializing.


The addition of an Iridium Scythe would also make it easier for players to complete certain quests and challenges. For example, there might be an incoming special order quest where players must harvest 1000 pieces of grass or anything scythe harvestable related crop. This would probably be very time-consuming, but it would expected to become much easier to complete if players had an Iridium Scythe. (Special Orders could be unlocked by Fall 2 of Year 1)

Of course, there are also some potential downsides to the addition of an Iridium Scythe. One concern is that it could make the game too easy. Currently, there is a certain amount of challenge involved in harvesting crops and clearing grass. If players have an Iridium Scythe, it could make the game too easy, and it could reduce the amount of time that players spend playing the game.

Another concern is that the addition of an Iridium Scythe could make the Golden Scythe obsolete. Currently, the Golden Scythe is the most powerful scythe in the game, and it is a valuable tool for players. If an Iridium Scythe is added, it could make the Golden Scythe less useful, and it could reduce the demand for the Golden Scythe. But hey, the scythe lost its purpose at the same time. So this one felt more like for collectibles.

Only time will tell if ConcernedApe decides to add an Iridium Scythe to Stardew Valley. However, the tweet from ConcernedApe has certainly got the Stardew Valley community talking, and it will be interesting to see if the Iridium Scythe ever becomes a reality.

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