My Hero Academia S3 Cover – Opinion

As the covers for the airing of Boku No Hero Academia Season 3 makes a round on the community, we’ve noticed that there’s something quite odd about this certain additional cover. To be honest, we haven’t followed the Manga series just yet but we’ve heard some spoilers that may definitely alter your taste with regards to what will happen next to the story.

Given this cover shown at Crunchyroll, All Might’s head has been cut off from the cover giving way to both Bakugo and Midoriya to take center stage. Does this mean that something’s gonna happen to our symbol of peace!?


Should you read the Manga, it’s believed that chaos will definitely break loose this time favoring the League of Villains. Do take note also that’s something wild’s gonna happen at the same time. We’re not just sure if Season 3 will cover this but let us drop you a hint. – 100%!!!

Image Source: [1 – Crunchyroll]

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