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Erased – Anime Review

If you’re looking for a time-travel related anime to watch, then this one’s just right for you! Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi also known by its English title Erased is a detective like themed anime. The plot revolves on Fujinuma the protagonist who has the ability he called “Revival” which allows him to turn back […]


Another – Anime Review

Looking for a creepy anime!? Another’s just the thing for you! Short, creepy and really felt like part of the Japanese folklore in my opinion. The story revolves on class 3 of Yomiyama North Junior High. A cursed class that doomed not only its students but also their relatives and everyone that’s gains connection to […]


The Batman Anime – Preview

Earlier today, a footage was uploaded regarding the Batman Anime (Batman Ninja) which was first shown at New York Comic Con. Though the looks of Batman itself, is more like those that was presented in previous animated Batman movies, this one’s more bulkier. What more when Batman himself turns into a Ninja!? Given the teaser, […]


My Hero Academia S3 Cover – Opinion

As the covers for the airing of Boku No Hero Academia Season 3 makes a round on the community, we’ve noticed that there’s something quite odd about this certain additional cover. To be honest, we haven’t followed the Manga series just yet but we’ve heard some spoilers that may definitely alter your taste with regards […]


My Hero Academia Season 3 on 2018

Recent news from major Anime Network indicates the airing of My Hero Academia Season 3 on April 2018! Manga covers and notable anime social media accounts have posted an airing schedule for the upcoming star of today’s era. The successor of successful Shōnen series who recently ended Season 2 with a blast is expected to […]


Bloody Monday Manga – Opinion

Bloody Monday – a thrilling manga that was first released way back 2007 is a manga series which needs an anime adaptation in our own opinion. A story that focuses on a high-school student which was considered as a “genius” in hacking. Being indulged in technology, I found it great that there were existing series […]