Ahiru No Sora – First Impression

A new basketball themed sports genre anime has hit an animation studio on the last quarter of last year and it is none other than, Ahiru No Sora. And that’s what we have for you this quarantine. Interested? Then check this out. Ahiru No Sora is a basketball themed sports anime that has been airing […]

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LIMBO. A gloomy themed game that lets you be a child on a dark and horrific environment trying to survive the dangers all by yourself. If you really want¬†horror themed puzzle game, then we believe that this could really suit you best. STORYLINE “Uncertain of his sister’s fate, a boy enters LIMBO” –¬†says the description […]

Ahiru No Sora – First Impression

Artist makes anime-like representation of a nurse and doctor

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Artist makes anime-like representation of a nurse and doctor

Among the list of wonderful creations we could dig during this quarantine period, one anime-themed art caught our eyes. This is due to the marvelous attempt in bringing an anime/manga-like creation to two main protagonist during this pandemic. – the doctors and nurses. Advertisement We could not actually depict the handle since it was on […]


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