Doc Mike Reaction to Cells at Work!

Doctor Mike finally reacts to Cells at Work!

Peewop! The internet celebrity doctor finally took the time to review¬†Cells at Work!¬†Based on the video his page released the other day, the request was going on for quite some time now. Real doctor, doctor Mike reaction video for Cells at Work! Honestly speaking I am a fan of Doctor Mike. It feels like he […]

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With the trend keeps on coming for MOBA category games, a gem has been hidden for far too long. Well, I guess not really hidden as it stands with 10M in Google Play Store downloads alone! Zooba – Zoo Combat Battle Royale Games is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game with a fast paced […]

Doc Mike Reaction to Cells at Work!

Doctor Mike finally reacts to Cells at Work!

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Artist makes anime-like representation of a nurse and doctor

Among the list of wonderful creations we could dig during this quarantine period, one anime-themed art caught our eyes. This is due to the marvelous attempt in bringing an anime/manga-like creation to two main protagonist during this pandemic. – the doctors and nurses. Advertisement We could not actually depict the handle since it was on […]


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